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We create vivid presentations for your successful projects

Our presentations are used for
Study (projects, independent works)
Demonstration of advantages in sales offices
Email campaigns
International market
Online webinars
Educational presentation
Business presentation
Premium presentation
*only for schoolchildren and students
Selection of illustrations from open sources
Adaptation of the corporate character for the purpose of the presentation (if it is)
Texts provided by the client
10 $/slide
20 $/slide
Development of a presentation that matches the style of your report, project, individual work
Development of schemes, graphs, diagrams
Photo materials and text provided by the client
Additional elements are taken from professional bases
Use of branded design elements
The development of a new character is discussed additionally
Individual design using hand draw elements
Unrepeatable, unique style
50 $/slide
Marina, head of department
I applied to the agency before the meeting with partners. I wanted to beautifully and clearly show the results of our work at the end of the year. There were a lot of diagrams and boring information in the presentation. Thanks to the specialists! The presentation turned out to be expressive and understandable.
Two days before an important meeting, the chief asked me to make a presentation for his report. It was uncomfortable for me to admit that I was bad designer. The status of the guests was VIP and I was very nervous. At the last moment I decided to contact the agency and eventually received a high-quality presentation. The guys met me halfway and made it ahead of time. My reputation was saved.
Valery Alekseevich
A presentation was needed to defend the diploma in Skillbox. I started doing it myself, I own PowerPoint a little. In the process, I realized that I was spending too much time and I didn't really like the result. I decided to turn to professionals. When I received my presentation 2 days later, I was very pleased. She looked stylish, beautiful, convincing.
Oksana, personal assistant
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